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Unfuck Yourself Bicycle Headset Cap

Unfuck Yourself Bicycle Headset Cap

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We make no bones about it here. We see every ride as an opportunity to untangle our minds, gain a little perspective and definitely unfuck ourselves from whatever is being a pain in our ass at the moment.

Like most of our genius, our UNFUCK YOURSELF headset cap is the result of an idea we had while riding. Quickly back to the studio, pencil it out, turn it into a digital file and add it to the stable of whips! A crowning achievement, indeed.

Ride like your life depends on it and go unfuck yourself immediately.

  • Designed to fit 1 1/8" steerer tubes.
  • 1 1/4" (32mm) wide.
  • Permanent laser engraving blasts away a top layer of anodized aluminum to reveal a beautiful grayish-white lettering.
  • Light & Light & Strong 6061 Aluminum Cap.
  • Add a bolt to complete your own custom headset cap.
  • A better life is on the other side of every ride!
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Customer Reviews

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Al D
I am happy now!

Just got my cap and immediately after install, my life changed for the better! I am now officially diagnosed as “unf#*$ed! 😊


Sensational service and quality of product. I had some questions and Brian responded within hours…very impressive.


This small piece of customization makes me feel happy every time I'm looking down at it. It gives me the motivation and courage to keep going and unfuck myself. My mind is a tangled mess but I'm working on it with each mile I pedal. Thank you!

Ira Conn
I’m faster now

Despite soaring temperatures, endless waves of tourists, the omnipresent drone of e-bike motors and an occasional wait for music to down load I feel as though a weight has been lifted. Days are a bit brighter and there just seems to be a bit more coffee in the mug. An objective individual might rationalize this cosmic shift to warmer summer conditions, better sleep or perhaps having greater time to ride, fortunately I am not clouded by logical progression or analytical fantasy. The forth hour in the saddle is all puppies, unicorns and the smell of fresh cookies because I threw down for a new headset cap. There are a litany of YouTube videos delving into the subtleties of marginal gain, chain wax verses dry lube, how many watts I can shave by ironing my chamois seams, the travesty of excessive ear hair and it’s long distance consequence but there is little doubt that when compared to the levity gained from a soul summarizing epithet on my stem these other ideas will fade like snot stains in the rain.

Dean Spahr

Love it

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* Designed for 1 1/8" steerer tubes.

* The most common size headset cap in the USA.

* Cuss-Free Installation!

* Replace your existing headset cap in under 3 minutes.

* Durable engraving or UV printing keeps it fresh for years to come

* Designed & engraved or printed in Colorado, USA

* Mix & Match Caps and Bolts


* Add Matching Bar End Plugs to Complete the Look

* Get a Bolt to Replace That Old Silver One

* Use 5mm Hex Key to Replace Your Headset Cap Fast

* From boring to YEAH! in under 3 minutes


* Free Shipping on Orders Over $35


* Over 3,000 5 Star Reviews

* And a couple of bad ones we made right!

* Shop Worry Free