Shipping policy

Shipping of standard (non-custom) orders over $35 is free in the United States. Shipping costs for orders destined for delivery outside of the United States are calculated based on weight, package size and delivery location.


Most orders are processed within 72 hours of receipt. Every engraved part is custom engraved per order. Shipping times are quoted by USPS and are purely estimates.  Shipping dates are not guaranteed and shipping will not be refunded unless the package has been lost. (Defined as no longer moving in the USPS system after 30 days from shipment.)

USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are not guaranteed levels of service by USPS. Dates shown at checkout should be considered estimated dates of delivery--not precise dates.  Dispatch Custom Cycling Components is not responsible for packages that miss estimated delivery dates.  


At this time, due to high levels of fraud and package tracking we feel misses the expectations of our customers, we are no longer offering shipments destined for international addresses.  Domestic shipments are only allowed until we can meet a standard that satisfies our needs and those of our customers.