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How Does The Program Work?

1: Complete the form above to get your custom link/code. 

2: Share your unique link or code with friends and give them 15% off their next purchase.

3: Each time someone makes their first purchase with your referral link/code you’ll earn $5 - paid out monthly. Just for sharing the good word about Dispatch

4: Keep sharing to earn more.

Can I Use My Discount Code For My Own Purchases?

Using your own code will cause those orders to be automatically removed from eligible payments.

How Do I See My Sales?

We administer our affilaite program through our partner, Social Snowball. All commissions and payouts are tracked through their dashboard.

To track your commissions, you can complete your registration by clicking here.

You do not need to register with Social Snowball to participate in our affiliate program, but if you'd like to view your program statements, you'll need to register with Social Snowball. (Link above.)

What Should I Post?

We supply a number of images you can use in your social media posts on facebook, TikTok, Instagram and more. Simply download the image to your local device, add your affiliate code and post on your favorite site. We recommend posting regularly to increase your sales.

Of course, your own images of your new Dispatch gear installed are great for social media, as well. Just make sure you let your audience know your unique referral code so you get the credit you deserve.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

For each successful referral resulting in a completed eligible transaction using your code or affiliate link, you will earn $5.

You will earn a commission every time someone makes their first purchase using your unique referral link or code.

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