Ride Your Ride!

5 Reasons Customers Love Customizing Their Bicycle With Dispatch Custom Cycling Components


You Say It Best

Nothing is better than a completely custom headset cap with your choice of words. Inspirational, motivational or personalized for a friend. You write the words and we make an awesome laser engraved headset cap for your bicycle.


Where Did You Get That?

We hear it all the time from our thousands of customers. The scene goes like this: They show up to the group ride. Someone looks over at their handlebars. (Because we're always looking to see what the other rider has.) And the other cyclist says "Where'd you get that?! That's cool!" You want to be that person. It's fun. It feels pretty good.


Our Caps Are Guaranteed For Life

No need to worry if it will last or break, we guarantee all our caps for life. Simply email us if there's an issue and we'll exchange it. So far, we've never had an exchange, so we're OK making that bet!


Engraved In Colorado. Shipped in Under 72 Hours

We get it. There's all sorts of ways to buy things, but we're your friends in Colorado and we ride just like you do. When we're not riding, we're in the shop thinking about designing something for you, making something for you or hosting you at our clubhouse. Stop in the next time you're around. We work fast to make sure you get that sick new headset cap in no time at all.


We Believe Everyone Should Ride Their Ride

Come one, come all! In a sea of millions of bicycles sold every year and a few stereotypes about how you should dress and what you should ride and when you should ride and where your tanlines should begin and end, come on!

We say enough of that business. Let's have fun! You define fun. You define the ride. You design the cap that tickles your bits.

You ride your ride!

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