The Top YouTube Cycling Channels We Follow -- And You Should, Too!

Weekends. Amirite? You know how it goes.  We're no different. Sometimes we're at our desk marinating on that sweet wind in the face, cruising tarmac, grinding gravel or railing singletrack (and that awesome post-ride session with the gang) and doing work just isn't in the cards.

What to do?!
Well, when the feeling overwhelms, we turn to our friends on YouTube and catch up on the goodness.  Living vicariously or something like that.
So here's a list of our favorites.
  1. Global Cycling Network (GCN): With a massive following, GCN offers a variety of videos on cycling, including maintenance guides, training tips, race coverage, and entertaining challenges.  Little known fact: GCN was the first major outlet to cover Dispatch. We're eternally grateful.

  2. Park Tool: While we know about headset caps and cockpits in pretty good detail. Sometimes when we try that whole bike build thing, we need a little help. That's when we turn to our friends at Park Tool.  Far and away some of the most detailed and valuable information on maintenance, building, and so much more. This channel focuses on bike maintenance and repair, providing detailed tutorials and tips on fixing various components and performing essential maintenance tasks.  

  3. Calirado Kid: For the mountain bikers among us looking for a giggle, the rise of humorous content coming out right now is pretty great.  We really love Joe and his feel good videos.  Careful while watching and drinking your morning coffee. You might LOL and spray coffee across those TPS reports.

  4. Seth's Bike Hacks/Berm Peak Express: Seth is about as OG as it comes. From the earliest days of YourTube, Seth has been laying down absolutely solid content--and continues to raise the bar to this day. Seth's channel offers a mix of mountain biking adventures, product reviews, trail building tips, and other engaging content related to the world of mountain biking. 

  5. GMBN (Global Mountain Bike Network): From the same folks that bring us GCN, GMBN is geared towards mountain biking enthusiasts, GMBN provides a range of content, including trail guides, bike maintenance, technique tips, and bike park adventures--with a sweet British accent.

  6. BikeRadar: BikeRadar's channel covers a broad spectrum of cycling-related topics, including road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel riding. They offer bike reviews, product tests, and insightful features.  With a knack for getting access or spotting prototypes in the wild, BikeRadar is definitely a great resource for what's going on in the cycling industry.

  7. Fernwee: I'll admit to not understanding half of what's said when these cats talk to the camera, but what I do know is the epic rides and the memories they are making on a bicycle make me want to never return from the weekend.  They live the cycling life, travel to some incredible spots and are getting out there.  I really appreciated their recent entry from The Badlands. Truly epic, if painful, stuff.

  8. Dream Build: Look, before you hit that link, ditch your credit cards.  Seriously! Go freeze them. Report them stolen. Close the accounts.  Gee and his dude in the shop have some of the highest production value in the bike business by a mile (or kilometer) and the builds that leave their shop truly are dream-worthy.  Not for the budget-minded, but the ASMR and aesthetic shots make this a channel we have on constant rotation in the background.

  9. Dustin Klein: Dustin is an amalgam of cyclist, creative and free-thinking spirit.  His regular drops of mid-length premiers and experimentations with different riding styles and challenges keeps you on your toes.

  10. Path Less Pedaled: Finally, it would take some serious digging on my part to see if it was Seth from Seth's Bikes Hacks or Russ from Path Less Pedaled that first captured my attention. Russ definitely has the party pace ride vibe on lock.  I remember his earliest videos documenting life without a car--as a professional photographer. A nearly unfathomable idea for me back then as a Southern California resident.  Where cars are seemingly everything. Russ figured it out and he's been going strong for a long time.  

No doubt we live in an age where you could never go outside and waste it away watching YouTube videos about what it's like outside.  We don't encourage this.  But when the time and place intersect, maybe these gems keep you motivated to continue to pedal.  That's our goal!

What about you? What's your favorite YouTube channel?

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