Why Bicycle Headset Caps and Handlebar End Plugs?



Every year in the U.S. there are 17 million bicycles sold on average. The vast majority of these come from less than a handful of brands and even fewer factories.

This is in many ways fantastic. It's efficient. Research and development spread quickly. Logistics are more easily controlled.

However, it also means you likely have a bicycle that's just the same as many other hundreds of thousands.

When I started Dispatch in 2017, my goal was (and continues to be) to get more people on their bicycles more often.

We do this by making affordable and easy upgrades to your bicycle. Making it truly one of one.

Will a new custom headset cap make you faster? Will a new set of custom bar end plugs make you happier? Will a killer new frame protection make you cooler?

The answer is maybe--and quite possibly definitely.

You see, when we put ourselves into something, when we use it as an expression of self, we connect more deeply with that thing. It's no longer a generic something, but rather a piece of you.

We often see this in life. Motivational posters. Bumper stickers on cars. Slogans on a t-shirt.  They all contribute to our ego and ignite motivations deep inside us.

I believe the bicycle is the most beautiful machine ever created.
-Brian De Groodt - Founder, Dispatch

The opportunity is yours to make your bicycle one of a kind through Dispatch.  It's not a responsibility I take lightly. I want you to love your bicycle and feel like it's your best machine-friend.

Find your best custom piece of kit to add to your bicycle and you'll find yourself on that bicycle more often.

After over 20,000 customers and more than 7 years of Dispatch, I'm confident in this.

Ride Your Ride!



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