Authentic Dispatch Headset Caps & Merchandise

Dear reader,

Thank you for your support over the last 6 years.  It's come to our attention a number of fraudulent sellers are in the market of knocking off Dispatch designs.

Please know there are a number of ways to tell if a product you have purchased is in fact an authentic Dispatch bicycle component.

First, we package all of our headset caps in a special package.  You'll know when you receive it that it's from us because it's honestly awesome packaging. If it's a headset cap and it's not in a nice package inside the envelope, you probably don't have an authentic Dispatch Custom Cycling Components headset cap.

Second, our quality of product is something we've taken many years to refine, improve and stand behind.  All of our products are lifetime warrantied.  It's extremely unlikely you'll have a failure of any product we sell.  If you do, and you purchased from us, we'll have record of that transaction and will expedite a replacement to you.  Only genuine Dispatch products are backed by this warranty.  Etsy sellers, Ebay sellers, and similar knock-offs of our products are not.

Finally, a number of the knock off products we've seen are of, arguably, lesser quality.  These include cheap tricks like vinyl stickers on headset caps (really?) and shoddy engraving using machines not designed for industrial production work--and resulting in lesser quality than the production capability we've invested in to bring you the best quality custom bicycle products in the industry.

We could chase our tails all day long trying to shut down these shameful, lazy individuals from selling our designs, but it'd be a whack-a-mole type routine.  Instead we'd rather do what we do best: Shipping the world's best designs, highest quality custom bicycle components and keeping you a wise and loyal fan of Dispatch.

Ride Your Ride!

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