Dispatch Skeleton Logo T-Shirts Are Coming

Dispatch Skeleton Logo T-Shirts Are Coming

If you have been following the journey of Dispatch, you know we did a major effort with Forefathers Group last year to amp up our brand image.

I shared with the guys that Dispatch is about individuality and less posh and more punk as a cycling brand.  We did a ton of work on vision boards, artifact research, and all sorts of fun. 

In the end, Emir and the Forefathers Group team came up with three mascots.  Our gargoyle, a succubus, and our skeleton.  I immediately fell for the gargoyle and the succubus, but the skeleton needed work.  In fact, I told them to bag it all together.

Forefathers Group doesn't do "no" very well.  And in this case, I was happy they pressed.  Emir really wanted a crack at the doing skeleton logo and took my feedback to give it a little more evil and a little less smirk.  Done!

Over time, our skeleton mascot has been a real banger!  I constantly field requests for stickers, headset caps, and shirts with the skeleton printed on it.  

I put it up to a vote and the Dispatch Squad spoke up.  It's coming. A Skeleton t-shirt, navy blue with white screen printing.  It's freaking hot! 

Personally, I can't wait to sport this shirt over the summer and I think you're going to love it.

I'll probably do some sort of bundle offer for those of you that don't yet have the other 2 shirts. I think if you take us up on it, you'll have all the tops you need for the season.


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