Top 5 Gifts for Cyclists in 2024 - Time to Bring On the Merriment!

Top 5 Gifts for Cyclists in 2024 - Time to Bring On the Merriment!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, not that time, quite yet. But yeah, that time. Fall riding can only mean two things: Pumpkin Spice Chain Lube...and getting ready to share the joy of cycling with your friends and family.

Rejoice, cyclist-gift-giving-angel! We've curated a list of fun gifts for every cyclist in your life.  

Here are 5 of our favorite gifts for cyclists.

Did you know over 17 million bicycles are sold in the U.S. every year? Time to make your bicycle your very own creation.

On average, every year there are over 17 million new bicycles sold in the U.S. Think about that for a minute. Then think about how many different bike brands you can name. It's certainly fewer than 17 million. The odds are high your bicycle from the factory looks a lot like many others. Do you know that feeling of seeing all the black suitcases coming off the baggage claim belt? That's your bicycle before you make it your own.

If you're like most cyclists, you take great pride in your bike. It's not just a way to get from point A to point B; it's a reflection of your personality and your style.

So how can you personalize your bicycle to make it truly unique? Read on to find some great ideas.  Perfect for wrapped gifts under the tree, in a stocking or a surprise on top of that new bicycle (#newbikeday yay!)

What's In The Bag?

Rolling down the road or on the gravel trail isn't the time to have your $900 phone jostling around in your back pocket.  Keep what matters most safe and conveniently secured in a handle bar bag or ride wallet. Stash keys, flat repair kits, a rain jacket, gloves, arm warmers, multi-tool, snacks and so much more. 

What's even better about these handlebar bags as gifts: They fit every bicycle. No need to know anything more about your recipient other than they own a bicycle. Done and dusted!

Say So Long to Factory Bar End Plugs

To be honest, these little pieces of plastic at the end of your handlebars are there to make one person happy--the lawyers. Left unfilled, the ends of a bicycle handlebar are just waiting to inflict some serious injury in the form of puncture wounds. Better to keep them filled than left open.

That doesn't mean you have to settle for a chunk of plastic that would be better suited as a cap on a gallon of milk than your sweet new set of wheels.

Pop those plastic plugs out and add a set of custom bicycle bar end plugs. We are pretty partial to our BICYCLE BAR END PLUGS. Choose from existing (and sometimes naughty) plugs or make your own.  Pro Tip: 25mm fit road and gravel bars and 32mm fit mountain bikes.

A Custom Headset Cap or Stem Top Cap

One of the easiest ways to personalize your bike is by changing your factory headset cap. This is the small cap that sits on top of the headset and is the center of attention when you look down at your handlebars. It is the ideal candidate for a custom upgrade.

There are all sorts of different designs and colors available, so you can find one that matches your personality with existing artwork or create your own. They also make excellent gifts for the cyclist in your life. New Bike Day, anyone?

Plus, you can change your stem cap in under 2 minutes.  It's as easy as it gets.

Create your own custom bicycle headset cap.

Look Good in a New Hoodie

Nothing says let's get those beers like popping over a sweet hoodie after the ride and heading to the local watering hole.  Your beloved cyclist will appreciate looking like they just walked off a Red Bull Rampage podium with our soft and highly complimented stylish hoodies. Featuring artwork custom illustrated to remind us all we're always on the edge.

Choose from dozens of different designs of hats, hoodies and jerseys.

Keep 'Em Safe

Let's be honest: Tumbles and tussles are sort of par for the course in cycling. From road rage to bombing a trail a little too fast, our Dispatch Emergency Identification Tag is a popular choice for keeping your cyclists safe.  There's no worse feeling than coming up on someone that needs help and not knowing who to call, who should know about their condition and any other information that might help speed their medical attention.  Featuring 7 lines of text on a laser engraved emergency ID tag, this tag can make the difference between guessing and knowing. As someone who has been hit 4 different times by car, I can promise you this information was very useful to those that found me in my time of need.

Anodized Bike Parts All Over

Fun fact: Most of your bicycle parts made of some metal (aluminum, titanium, steel, etc) aren't exactly good-looking before they get splashed into an anodization tank and charged with a little bit of electricity. The die in the tank adheres to the metal and you have parts with deep blues, blacks, reds, purples, greens, and more colors.

So why settle for a plated nickel when you can have all your parts matching or coordinated?

Candidates might include a custom headset spacers (little rings between 2 and 20mm high that adjust your ride comfort), valve stems and stem caps, water cage bolts, other bolts throughout your bicycle (make sure you use like-for-like to avoid premature failures), spokes and nipples on your wheels and a number of other small parts just waiting for a quick swap.

So there you have it. Why settle for a bicycle made for many when you can create a bicycle made just for you. Our shorthand for that: Ride Your Ride!


We make it easy to personalize your bicycle with unique, high-quality cycling components.

At Dispatch Custom Cycling Components we want you to ride your ride. We specialize in affordable custom bicycle components, including headset caps, bar end plugs, and small parts that we feel help us in living our mission to keep the love for your bicycle going, put more people on bikes and make the world a better place.

Based in Colorado, USA, we're proud to have inspired tens of thousands of customers to ride their ride.

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