Sugar Skull Headset Cap - Why We Named It Via de los Muertos

Sugar Skull Headset Cap - Why We Named It Via de los Muertos

For years, our sugar skull headset cap has been a top seller.  At times, for months, our best selling bicycle headset stem cap.  People love it!

One question we get regularly, is why is it called Via de los Muertos (Way of the Dead) instead of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  It's really quite simple: For us, some rides take you deep into the pain cave.  We're talking 100+ mile dirt road mountain bike epics or multiple day secondary gravel road rides.  The kind of rides that take you deep into your soul and leave you with questions.  Some you don't care to answer.  Some you don't want to face.  Like the dead.  For that reason, we named it the Via de los Muertos (hat tip to Via de los Muertos, of course), but there are some rides that transcend.  That take you to the place that's a way of the dead, but you get the benefit of coming back from it.  To the living.  To do it again.

Hopefully that makes sense.  We wanted to honor those epics as just as meaningful as respecting those that have passed.  Perhaps even more important to note that you do it because you can and you can while others cannot.

You can see our sugar skull Via de los Muertos bicycle headset cap here.  We hope it inspires you equally.

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