Fuck Your Cants Bicycle Headset Cap

Fuck Your Cants - The Story of Why


After spending a few precious minutes off the bike cruising the ‘gram, we ran across a new bit of inspiration from one of the hottest names in cycling right now: @bicyclepubs.  If you aren’t following this account, you’re basically not even into bicycles—and you probably torture kittens.

In this post @bicyclepubs was heaping praise upon @groundupspeedshop in a style only he can, we stumbled across this bit of goodness: FUCK YOUR CANTS.  Funny at first, but totally stuck in the craw for hours after.  Mostly because, well we’re damn tired of hearing about what can’t be done.  What the standard is.  Who and how and what—from someone else’s arbitrary set of rules.  Plus, we’re decidedly CAN. 

You can X.  Don’t care what your X is, but before you listen to someone’s CANT, look for your CAN.  If they can’t take the joke, fuck ‘em.  This much I can assure you: Your can will be way more fun than their can’t.  Might take longer.  Might be harder.  Might cost more.  But in the end, we’d way rather feel the pride of accomplishment for having done than having not.

That’s bicycles, business, work, life, food, insert-what-tickles-your-nuts-here.  You can.

FUCK YOUR CANTS is now shipping in 7 awesome color choices.  Free shipping in the United States and guaranteed to change your perspective.

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