I & We & Me

One of my goals for DISPATCH from the outset was to see how far I could get revenue on an e-commerce brand with only one employee--Me.  I've stayed true to that goal in that I'm the only owner and generally, the only person primarily responsible for making the business go.

That said, I can only think of a couple of business types that can truly say they exist 100% on the backs of a single person.  Truth is, there are suppliers, contractors, service providers, family and friends that make almost every business go.

If I didn't have the partner-suppliers I have, there'd be no DISPATCH.  If I wasn't able to cheat my personal relationships with my friends and wife, there'd be no DISPATCH.  I have a lot of help around me, and for that reason, I'm fond of saying "we" when I refer to DISPATCH.  I think it tips the hat to everyone behind me that helps make this possible.

Answering emails at the dinner table, being absentminded about something that needed handling at home because I was thinking about the business, working with foreign suppliers late into the early morning, these are all stresses your significant others and friends have to put up with.

Likewise, I didn't design my logo, I didn't make our exterior packaging, I didn't make some of the artwork on our products, and I didn't personally deliver your package to you.  There's a "we" to make "me."  No question.

So if you see mixes of I & We & Me in my entries, that's why.  I could never simply say this business is me.  It's definitely we.  Heck, I even think customers have a role in that we at some level.

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