Buy the Ticket. Take the Ride. BTS on the Headset Cap Design

Buy the Ticket. Take the Ride. BTS on the Headset Cap Design

To say Hunter S Thompson was an influence on many of us around here at Dispatch Custom Cycling Components would be an understatement approaching a lie.  For some, he was *the* influence.  For others he was *an* influence, but for all, he made a dent in our collective primal brains and our approach to the way of the world.

Indeed, it was books like Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and Hells Angels that leave the astute reader with a sense that while it may be called "Gonzo journalism" it's a fact of life that the facts aren't always as they seem and therein lies the opportunity to paint inside, outside or all over the lines as you please.  Live your life.  They way you see it.

And that's where we were starting when, after an early afternoon ride, sitting in a beer bar, the words were spotted: "Buy the Ticket.  Take the Ride."  And so it should be.

Immediately back to the studio.  A quick draft on the wall.  Some twisting and turning.  Lots of pushing types and fonts around to get them to fit on this pain in the ass headset cap (as they can be when designing something with a hole right in the middle of your "canvas").  Steadman comes to mind.  Search for that typeface.  Surely someone equally influenced by HST has taken his good friend's distinct style and turned it digital.  Found.  Twist it some more.  Push it here. Nope.  Not right yet.  Try it again.  Hours later--Got it!

And so we say to everyone that's a fan of the free spirit, a fan of HST, or a fan of just taking the adventurous option and seeing what happens from there: Buy the Ticket.  Take the Ride.  Indeed.

Taken a ride lately?  Send us some information on it.  We're working on a digital property that's dedicated to cultivating these sort of stories.  If we like what we read, we'll reach out and share more.

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