Top 5 Most Affordable Bicycle Upgrades in 2022

In the U.S. approximately 17 million new bicycles are sold each year. Here are our top 5 options to upgrade your bicycle and make yours truly one of one.

In 2022, there are a ton of different bicycle upgrade options available for you to consider. Here are our top five picks that we know you'll love!


Let's face it: Flats suck! Be prepared with this high-pressure, high-quality pump from Lezyne. We've been fans of Lezyne's work for years and this Pocket Drive Hand Pump Pro lives up to all we've come to expect from this Reno, NV-based company.

Measuring a scant 140mm and 98g, this small but mighty pump can still push an impressive 160 PSI and get you safely back on the road, while still fitting neatly in your jersey pocket or tail bag.

Mountain bike riders fret not. Lezyne also makes the Pocket Drive HV, a high-volume pump made for the higher volume requirements of wider tires.

Both pumps are Presta and Schraeder valve compatible.

$50 - More at Lezyne.


DING! Be kind and announce your presence to pedestrians and fellow cyclists. Nobody likes being snuck up on and this bell by Knog is an excellent solution to keeping anyone from jumping out of their skin.

Designed to create a very clean installation around cables, this sleek but functional bell is exactly what you would expect from this Melbourne, Australia company.

Since 2002, Knog has been making some of the most functional and unique bicycle safety accessories in the market.

$20 - More at knog

3 - Lighting

Be heard. Be seen.

Nothing makes me more nervous than seeing a cyclist riding in the winter with no lights. It's dangerous, to say the least.

Affordable and highly functional lighting is abundant and every cyclist should have a good set of lights in their kit. That's right, a set. Front light and backmarker taillight.

I know this is supposed to be an affordable list, but we're overspenders here. This is a critical element to rider safety on the road or commuting in the evening. In fact, we're on the daytime running light bandwagon here and now run lights on all rides at all hours. The weight penalty is well worth arriving back home safely. Trust this rider--I've been hit 4 times by cars and none were pleasurable experiences. So affordable is maybe relative? Do get lights. Do spend what makes sense. But do get lights!


Light & Motion VIS Pro 1000 Blacktop (and Vis Pro 1000 Trail). I've carried a Light & Motion headlamp and headlight for years of faithful service on some of the darkest spots I've ever been to and have never been let down by this company. (Nobody wants to be left in the dark.)

These highly capable lights can throw out 1,000 lumens for an hour and a half. Or enter safety mode and get up to 12 hours of runtime. IP67 rated housing keeps them functioning in the wet and a 20-degree spotlight cast keeps you seen while you see what's ahead.

$125 - More at Light & Motion


Lupine Rotlicht Max Tail Light Lupine has been in the lighting business for a long time and their products are known by endurance racers and night riders as some of the best, most capable lights in the market. While definitely not the least expensive, the rechargeable Rotlicht Max Tail Light features an impressive 160 lumens, capable of running 60 hours, and is housed in an aluminum case that's dust and waterproof. An accelerometer helps to automatically adjust brightness as you decelerate.

$160 - More at Lupine

4 - Pedros ICM-21 Multitool

Bicycles have moving parts and that means sometimes trailside/roadside repairs are a part of the fun. Don't get left on the side of the road because you can't tighten up that derailleur.

Pedros is one of the originals and best in the game when it comes to quality bicycle tools. The ICM-21 has been in service to riders everywhere since 2004 for a reason--it works!

Featuring 21 different tools (hence the name), including hex, Allen, screwdrivers, chain repair and more, if this tool can't get the job done, it's probably time to call an Uber for a ride to the local brewery.

$38 - More at Pedros

5 - Custom Bicycle Frame Sticker

OK. This one is a little bit of an ego play, but who doesn't want to see their last name next to your country flag on your top tube?

Yeah, it's a little bit of a Speed Racer move, but here's another benefit: Some evil SOB rips off your bike, it's going to be a little easier to claim it's your bicycle with your name on it.

VC Graphix has been in this game for a long time and has a ton of different designs available from Pro Racer to Club Rider.

Easy to install and looks...wait for it...totally pro!

$20 - More at VC Graphix

Bonus - Dispatch Custom Cycling Components Custom Headset Cap

You really didn't think we'd create a top 5 list and not think we deserve to be on it, did you?

Head over and take a look at our hundreds of different custom bicycle headset caps you can choose from. Or make your own custom text headset cap.

Frame builders, cycling teams, shops, and event organizers: We make thousands of custom headset caps as finisher medals, team kit pieces and branded caps to remind your customers to come back in and service their bicycle with your shop.

There you have it. Our list of affordable bicycle upgrades we think every rider should consider. From safety to just having a little more fun on your bicycle, there's something for every rider, of every style of riding, at every level of riding.

Think we missed something? Shoot us a comment and let us know what upgrades you value the most on your bicycle.

Dispatch Custom Cycling Components 

At Dispatch Custom Cycling Components we want you to ride your ride. We specialize in affordable custom bicycle components, including headset caps, bar end plugs and small parts that we feel help us on our mission to keep the love for your bicycle going, put more people on bikes and make the world a better place.

Based in Colorado, USA, we're proud to have inspired tens of thousands of customers ride their ride.

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